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Datum: 25.03.2023

Vložil: Kzqazrdvew

Titulek: interesting news

thanks, interesting read

Datum: 20.03.2023

Vložil: Jamesduh

Titulek: Beware, this scammer is stealing your money.

Beware, this scammer is stealing your money.
He has a Paypal account: awiridenko1991@gmail.com
And telegram account: @mipyt2023

Осторожно, этот мошенник крадет ваши деньги.
У него есть Paypal аккаунт: awiridenko1991@gmail.com
И telegram аккаунт: @mipyt2023

Datum: 12.03.2023

Vložil: Kzkktochini

Titulek: interesting post

very good

Datum: 08.03.2023

Vložil: KazkzrdFiews

Titulek: not working

Cool + for the post

Datum: 19.02.2023

Vložil: CharlesWrelp

Titulek: Спасибо, долго искал

Круто + за пост

Datum: 26.01.2023

Vložil: Justinbit

Titulek: сорт кофе 7 букв


Благодарю за очень ценную информацию. Мне это очень пригодилось. кофе черный натуральный, кофейные напитки названия и описание а также что содержит кофейное зерно

Datum: 25.01.2023

Vložil: TedDam

Titulek: классификация и характеристика ассортимента кофе

Так бывает.

Чюдно! кофе в зернах или молотый, как можно описать кофе а также вид кофе

Datum: 25.11.2022

Vložil: Dorabotkasaytovt

Titulek: Pomoc pri vyvoji webu

Ahoj. Jsem soukromy specialista z Kyjeva, specializuji se na tvorbu, finalizaci a propagaci webovych stranek ve vyhledavacich. Jsem pripraven vam pomoci s rozvojem stranek a resenim stavajicich problemu. Pomohu vam prilakat cilene navstevniky a zvysit konverze. Mirne ceny. Garance vysledku.

Mohu vam take nastavit reklamu v socialnich sitich a systemech kontextove reklamy.

Muj kontaktni email sozdayusaity@gmail.com

Datum: 30.08.2022



I am AMIN HASSAN, a broker with a link to high profile investors who are interested and willing to grant loan as debt to fund any projects and to all viable and lucrative sectors with up to 15 years repayment plan with 1 year grace period and also can fund projects from $ 5 Million USD to $ 5 Billion USD.

If you are looking for a personal loan, large investment projects, commercial real estate, small business enterprises, and government contracts, etc or If you have a project that needs funding.

Please contact me on my personal email address ( aminh8229@gmail.com )

I look forward to your favorable response.


Datum: 04.07.2022

Vložil: Mohammed AL-Kuwari

Titulek: Re: Confidential Information


I hope this message meets you well.

We are Gulf Business Service Limited, an Investment and Loan company seeking new business opportunities of mutual interest.

Presently I have the mandate of Sheikh Mubarak AL-Thani of Qatar to source for a partner abroad who can accommodate 350M USD and 150M USD for Investment. The sum is derived from a Supply Contract by a foreign company with Qatar Petroleum Company in Doha - Qatar.

I guarantee we shall implement this transaction under a legitimate arrangement without breaking the law by ensuring all legal certifications are secure prior to remittance of fund.

More details will follow upon your reply via Email: info@gulfbusinessservicelimited.com or WhatsApp: +971554845309


Dr.Mohammed AL-Kuwari
Senior Financial Consultant
MSC Finance
Gulf Business Services Limited
Email: info@gulfbusinessservicelimited.com
WhatsApp: +971554845309

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